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Deciding that you are capable of more and making a commitment to be better is a hard but satisfying moment. We have been conducting fitness, dance, aerial and pole classes from our home studios for years. We got to thinking "why cant everyone feel the love of health, community and self confidence" from the classes? There is no reason, so we took a chance and the product has become Tease Studio Fitness channels.  At Tease Studio Fitness, our mission is to deliver fun and beneficial collections of classes and tutorials to the comfort of your home to keep you moving and focused on one of your most important assess: your health.

Our goal is to make you fall in love with your fitness.

It’s Really pretty basic!

After years of offering fun, challenging and different classes in our studios  here in Colorado, we started having clients  asking  if they could get recording of our classes. Umm, sure why not?! With tutorials, live streaming and on demand class options, now everyone can be a Teaser!

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Great for learning technique, combos, tricks and spins. A great teaser of everything Tease Studio Fitness has to offer from on demand classes ranging form chair choreography to hand balancing and all the things in between. Special live streaming classes for you to keep up with your skills in real time. Or just hit the nitty gritty in under 10 minutes and watch a tutorial.

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